Thank you for entrusting Baptist M&S Imaging with your patients.  We pride ourselves on offering the latest technology in radiology imaging and an exceptional staff to give your patients a superior experience.  From the convenient locations and appointment times, to each encounter with our highly trained staff, to the prompt, accurate results you’ll receive, you’ll know that we have you and your patient’s best interest in mind.

Image and Report Distribution

Baptist M&S Imaging offers multiple platforms for accessing your patient data; which include Synapse Mobility, Synapse RIS and Synapse PACS. Our preferred version of distribution is Synapse Mobility which is compatible with most web browsers and most hand-held devices. Mobility is a “light-weight” viewer which gives you access to reports and images. Synapse RIS (Radiology Information System) allows access to your patients’ reports and appointment information. Finally, Synapse PACS which is our full-fledged Picture Archiving and Communication System which gives referrers a robust platform for advanced viewing of images.  Please contact your Physician Relation Manager to gain access.