Body Imaging

A Body Imaging Radiologist specializes in providing diagnostic imaging and in performing therapeutic procedures for diseases of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Using state-of-the-art MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Xray and Fluoroscopy technology, the Body Imaging Radiologist can diagnosis common and rare diseases and conditions affecting the lungs, liver, stomach, pelvis, kidneys, pancreas, colon and other organs throughout the chest, abdomen and pelvis.

Our fellowship trained physicians specialize in multiphase CT and MR exams of the abdomen and pelvis, including:

  • CT and MR enterography for the diagnosis and follow-up of inflammatory bowel disease
  • CT Urograms for early detection of genital urinary cancers
  • MRI of the prostate gland for early cancer detection and staging
  • MRI of the rectum for cancer staging and treatment follow-up
  • MR elastography to evaluate liver fibrosis without the need of a liver biopsy

The Body Imaging Radiologist works closely with primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, oncologists, and surgeons to aid in diagnosis and management of patients’ conditions. These trusted relationships and interactions between the Body Imaging Radiologists at M&S and referring physicians ensure excellent patient care during daily clinical practice, weekly scheduled tumor boards, and through various screening programs, including lung cancer screening in conjunction with the South Texas Lung Institute. The M&S Body Imaging team provides specialty expertise and timely interpretations.

Body Imaging Radiologists

Richard Walton, M.D.

Body Imaging

Photo of Richard Walton, M.D.
Vineet Seth, M.D.

Body Imaging

Photo of Vineet Seth, M.D.
David H. Rotter, M.D.

Body Imaging

Photo of David H. Rotter, M.D.
Robert Bruton, M.D.

Body Imaging

Photo of Robert Bruton, M.D.
Alden G. Bailey, M.D.

Body Imaging and Breast Imaging

Photo of Alden G. Bailey, M.D.