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Baptist M&S Imaging is a leader in imaging services in San Antonio, TX, providing Angiography, Bone Densitometry (DXA), CT (CAT Scans), Digital Mammography (Mammograms), Fluoroscopy, High Definition Breast MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Imaging, PET/CT, Ultrasound Imaging, X-ray and Wellness Exams. Our commitment to patient and physician satisfaction is demonstrated through our state-of-the-art equipment, offering of all modalities of radiological services, and our 8 outpatient imaging centers conveniently located throughout San Antonio.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is a system that acquires, transmits, stores, retrieves, and displays digital images and related patient information from a variety of imaging sources and communicates that information over a secure network. For the last century film has been practically the only medium for radiographic imaging. PACS enables radiology exams to be stored electronically and viewed on computer screens so that doctors and other healthcare professionals can access the information and compare it with previous images at the touch of a button.

PACS allows for a truly filmless process with all the flexibility of a digital system. Baptist M&S Imaging utilizes PACS and digital X-ray solutions to completely transform our practice to an all-digital, virtual radiology environment. Baptist M&S Imaging is dedicated to providing it's referring physicians with the best healthcare services possible. PACS is just one more tool that allows us to accomplish that goal.

NOTE: In order to access Baptist M&S Imaging PACS you must have been given a login ID and password and have the proper parameters adjusted on your computer in order to view the images. Click the Request PACS Account Login button above to complete the request forms or contact Baptist M&S Imaging at 210-785-2590 for access.

Confidentiality and Security Access AgreementĀ 
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